Interaction Design and Implementation (March 2017 - October 2017)
Role: Interaction / Visual Designer
Team member: Dylan Filingeri (SW)

Professional Work for New Balance (in collaboration with Neighborhood Watch)




I was hired by Neighborhood Watch ( a Brooklyn-based creative agency) to help conceptualize and create a unique VIP experience for senior executives at New Balance to introduce them to the new New Balance shoe line "009". Together with my colleague Dylan Filingeri (game designer) I developed an Augmented Reality mobile app for Android that allowed users to see a 3-D model of the shoe projected onto a flat design, switch between different looks of the shoe, and link to the New Balance website to purchase the shoe they've chosen.

Tools Used
Photoshop, Unity 3-D, Vuforia SDK, Cinema4D, Android Studio, 3-D scanning technology



The goal of this experience was to present the New Balance's executive team with the new shoe design and pitch an idea for a campaign that could be used during the release of the shoe line to the public. I began the ideation process with a research of the recent fashion campaigns that focused not only on product presentation but also engagement with the customer. I was especially interested in the use of augmented reality technology (i.e. LayAR app) used in magazines and online stores to bring merchandise to life while adding an element of fun to the shopping experience.


After initial brainstorming we've decided to create an Augmented Reality mobile application that could help the user to visualize the new New Balance shoe in 3-D without the need of going to a store. To implement the idea, we needed a 3-D model of the New Balance shoe, a printed design that would work as a marker for the AR application, and a mobile app that could be easily downloaded to a user's mobile device.

Inspired by the print design on the 009 shoe resembling paint splashes, I've decided to create a "wet paint" shoe imprint that I could use as the AR marker. I designed a series of posters with large imprints and a set of coasters with the AR marker on one side and a QR code linking to out app in the Play Store on the other. Using the coaster, user could easily download the app from the store and start using it.


A booth with three shoe stands displaying an image of the 009 shoe imprint were placed at a booth during the New Balance 009 launch event. Using our mobile app and smartphones, guests could see a 3-D model of the shoe projected onto the imprint of the shoe. I created a series of posters, fliers and coasters featuring the shoe imprint that served as the AR markers. Guests could take the AR experience home with them in the form of a 4” x 4” coaster. The AR app could be downloaded by following a download link printed on the coaster. Guests had the ability to change the color of the shoe from within the app, zoom in on the shoe to see it in finer detail, and purchase the model from within the app.