Physical Computng and Fabrication (November 2014 - January 2015)
Role: Designer / Fabricator
Team members: Jedy Chen (Industrial Design), Martin Romero (Multimedia Design), and Stream Gao (SW)



Mindful Lamp is a prototype of a 3D printed smart health appliance that can interpret user's emotion by accessing their social media accounts and analyzing the types of sentiments in their feeds.

Tools Used
Rhino 3D, 3D printing, Arduino, Arduino Yun, JavaScript



For most of the current smart health/health monitoring devices service, there is an unbalance between data input+analysis module and feedback module. That is to say, they focus on the solutions of how to get information and transform to readable data to customers, while lacking in what they can do with these readable data. Mindful Lamp server automatically collects emotion types from the user's social media and calculates the average 'sentiment' score (sentiment analysis, image recognition to get emotion values). The lamp reacts to the collected data by changing its color and shape in order to help the user meditate and improve his/her mental well being.

The ideal way to collect user's emotions is user-passive, unconscious, with the minimum user input. Based on these rules, we decide to use public feeds in social account and speech/tone analysis. There is also a way for user to input their mood directly. The lamp is using an Alchemy API to analyze emotions. 

Arduino Yun serves as the general Mindful Lamp controller, controlling its wireless module (WiFi), lighting module, and movement module. The motion of the lamp is controlled by a combination of one big gear and five small gears, which are powered by a step motor.