encoding mechanical eye | video art (2013)

Short experimental film made with a use of a microscope.

Tools Used
Premiere, microscope, homemade video synthesizer

#nofilter | video installation (2013)

#nofilter, or how to find magical in the mundane is a video installation that examines the differences between using filters as an image embellishments and as a function of narrative storytelling. The installation consists of 3 video pieces shot through layers of colorful Plexiglass.

Tools Used
DSLR camera, plexiglass, After Effects, Premiere

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FOR MISS M. | experimental film (2012)

A hand drawn animated 16mm film with elements of stop motion animation, inspired by the films of Harry Smith and Stan Brakhage. A gift for my Mom.

Music by The Beatles - "With Love From Me To You".  

Tools Used
Acrylic paints, clear 16mm film, paper, glue, DSLR camera


A series of collages portraying busy and colorful home interiors full of discordant fabrics and wallpapers and kitschy accessories.  

The furniture and food items, taken from magazine photographs, food journals and other printed sources, are in a mix of scale, styles and mediums. They are collaged onto the room renditions; then the whole is photographed.

Project inspired by Laurie Simmons' collage series The Instant Decorator (2001-2004) and food and furniture advertisements from original LIFE magazines.

Memories - Behind Photographs | PHOTOGRAPHY (2015)

Today we upload millions of photographs a day, and each time we snap a picture we outsource to it a part of our memory. Memories - Behind Photographs is an examination of memories hidden behind my personal photographs, and how they alter and augment over time.

I created a series of photo collages using images from my Instagram, treating each image as an instance of a memory. I looked behind the purely visual information of the image and, by inserting the actual written memories into the text based data of the photographs, I created more aggregated representations of these memories.